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Dr. Nancy Quarles, Ph.D., the founder of ACGI is quite familiar with the legislative process having served as a County Commissioner and State Representative for over ten years. As a legislator and policy strategist, she has been primarily responsible for the passage of several laws in the area of health care, tax polilcy, consumer protections, and employee relations. She has a recogized skill in linking legislative skills and expertise with pending initiativies. This political savvy is a proven advantage for clients. She has been appointed to several boards and is the author of numerous publications. She is respected in government by lawmakers, staff, and colleagues.

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Mr. Robert McTyre has an extensive background in print media. He has been an executive editor, staff writer and freelance writer for the past 25 years. Mr. McTyre has written and published articles on public policy and politics as well as numerous feature articles and essays on key individuals and organizations in the arts, business and science, and politics. In addition, Mr. McTyre served as a Chief of Staff to a member of the Michigan House of Representatives. During that time, he worked closely with the Representative to develop legislation, conduct advanced preparation work for committee assignments, and provided ongoing analysis of legislation. He has received several awards honoring his journalism contributions.

Mr. Derek Albert has more then twenty years of business and political experience. Politically, he worked eight years in the United States House of Representatives for (retired) Congressman Harold E. Ford, Sr. Ninth Congressional District of Tennessee. Additionally, he has managed campaigns at the local, state, and national levels in multiple states (Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan). Corporately, he served for five years as National Director of Business Development for a major construction company where he helped elevate the company to the second largest school builder in the nation according to Engineering News Record; as well as the second largest stadium builder in the nation. Some projects include Chicago Soldier's Field, Detroit Public Schools, Atlanta Philips Arena, and many more. Mr. Albert's focus is on governmental relations, strategic planning, business development, and educational programs. His collective successes have earned him the deserved respect and credibility with government officials and the corporate community.

Michael Massie is the Director of Enovis. He has over eighteen years experience on the information technology side of environmental consulting and engineering, administrating the development of large-scale data management systems for municipal, as well as commercial clients. Mr. Massie is recognized for his team building and management skills, and has led the development of Enovis’ Collaborative Laboratory Management System (CLMS) while playing a critical role in managing the company’s day-to-day operations.

Duane LeVick is the Sr. Vice President of Enovis, and he directs and oversees the laboratory data management service operation. Mr. LeVick has over 38 years of experience in industry, engineering, consulting and management including over 30 years of project engineering, maintenance and environmental services to the Chemical, Power, Metal and Automotive industries. With degrees in Process Control and Technical Management, Mr. LeVick directed the maintenance & engineering Department for Occidental Chemical Corporation at Niagara Falls, managed the Power Generation Facility at Niagara Falls for four years and served as Vice President of Onyx Industrial’s North Region for 10 years. While having numerous environmental and technical projects to his credit, Mr. LeVick was a key member of the Love Canal Remediation Team that established and set the benchmark for environmental standards. Mr. LeVick directs and oversees the Enovis laboratory data management service operation.





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